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Either face-to-face or virtual consultations via Skype/FaceTime. 
Specialities include: 
Coaching for IBS sufferers, including the low FODMAP diet therapy 
Sports Nutrition 
Optimising overall health and wellbeing 
Achieving desired body composition (weight loss, increasing lean muscle mass, decreasing body fat) 
Have you been plagued by troublesome digestive issues for as long as you can remember, or are they a relatively new occurrence? Evelyn can help you find a way to resolve and manage these problematic symptoms for long term relief. Her approach will make the process simple and easy for you to follow, she will support you on the whole journey from start to finish and provide you with guidelines, tips, recipes and meal suggestions to help you incorporate any changes into your daily life with minimal disruption. 

 What can I expect from my consultation? 

You can expect your consultation to last up to 60 minutes during which time Evelyn will gather information about your medical and diet history, nutritional adequacy and lifestyle factors to get to know you and compile a holistic picture. 
She will discuss your goals with you and aim to educate you on how to achieve them through dietary and lifestyle modifications. 
You will leave the consultation with a bespoke, personalised and safe nutrition plan that is  
evidence based, individually tailored, realistic and achievable for YOU to follow. 
Depending on your circumstances, a follow up consultation may be recommended 4-6 weeks later, although Evelyn offers email and telephone support between sessions as required. 
To arrange an appointment, or to discuss further, visit our contact page and complete the form, or feel free to contact Evelyn directly by phone or email. 
Eating well can be confusing – with so much conflicting information out there, how do you know the best way to eat for your lifestyle? 
If you struggle with energy levels, feel like you’re ‘below par’ or simply feel like eating healthily is impossible with your hectic schedule it’s time to seek the help and guidance of a professional. Let Evelyn help you debunk the myths and make eating healthily simple and straightforward for you. 
Are you working out as hard as you can but not seeing the results you expect? 
As the many sayings go: “abs are made in the kitchen” or “it’s 20% exercise, 80% diet”…now while we can debate the accuracy of these statements, it’s undoubtably true that your diet will play a pivotal role in helping or hindering you from changing your body composition. That’s where Evelyn comes in, with her expertise she can analyse your diet, help you identify where improvements could be made and leave you feeling confident in adapting a way of eating to support and achieve your goals. 

Whether you’re a professional or a recreational athlete, Evelyn has experience working with athletes of all levels and can help you:  

Train longer and harder 
Delay the onset of fatigue 
Recover faster 
Enhance your performance 
Protect your immune system 
Optimise your body composition 
Improve your strength 
Reduce injury risk 
Individualise your hydration strategy 
Manage ‘Exercise Induced Gastrointestinal Syndrome’ or ‘Runners Tummy’ 
Radio and TV appearances 
Article writing 
Media spokesperson and quotes 
Social media projects 
PR projects 

There are many misconceptions out there regarding optimal eating for sport,  

Evelyn uses the latest scientific guidance and evidence to design the optimal nutrition strategy for each individual client – whether that involves an overhaul of your diet, or simply modifying your meal timings. 
With her clinical training, Evelyn is ideally placed to consider the whole picture, and is qualified to help athletes with medical conditions optimise their diet to support their training and meet any additional nutritional requirements. 


Price: Initial consultation £130, review appointments £90
Individually tailored packages and plans available on request. 
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