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Experienced Dietitian 

Evelyn Toner is a registered Dietitian with 11 years experience specialising in health & wellbeing, digestive issues and sports nutrition. She has a wealth of experience in both public and private sectors, corporate speaking and working in the media, having featured on influential platforms such as ITV’s This Morning show. 
Whilst her clinical career has exposed her to a vast array of areas, she found her passion in helping people optimise their overall health and wellbeing by considering their diet as part of the bigger picture. This often includes improving digestive health and ‘tummy issues’, or adjusting eating habits to boost results from fitness training. Evelyn has a no-nonsense, no fad and realistic approach to her practice. 

Qualified & Reliable 

Registered with the Health and Care Professionals Council (HCPC), and as a graduate member of the Sports and Exercise Nutrition register, Evelyn obtained a first-class Bachelor Honours (BSc Hons) degree in Dietetics from Coleraine in Northern Ireland, and a Post Graduate Certificate (PgCert) in Sports and Exercise Nutrition from Coventry University. She is also qualified in delivering the evidence based low FODMAP dietary therapy having completed her training at Kings College London, and has undertaken specialist training by Monash University in Food, Exercise and the Gut to add to her sports nutrition expertise. 

Passionate & Dedicated to helping you  

As a self-confessed fitness fanatic and a bit of a wellness warrior, she possesses a keen interest in making healthy living accessible and achievable for everyone. Evelyn frequently experiments with recipes, posting easy and delicious meal and snack ideas on her social media platforms – why not check them out? 

Busting the many diet myths  

She is dedicated to busting the many diet myths and fads out there by providing reputable and relevant science-backed information. This is the support that makes a difference to her clients and ensures they achieve and maintain their goals. 

Inspiring everyone  

Evelyn is passionate about inspiring everyone she works with to consider the holistic picture, especially important with her corporate clients where the work-life balance can be thrown out of kilter, and her fitness clients - where it’s not only what happens during training that matters, but what happens in the other 23 hours of the day! 
"I was introduced to Evelyn in my local gym and after listening to another complaint about my bloating, she suggested a consultation to see if dietary changes would be appropriate. It's not that easy to talk to a stranger about something like your bowel movements, a bit of a sensitive subject, but Evelyn was really professional and super easy to talk to. After going through my symptoms, medical history and my life style she confirmed that an exclusion diet may help to identify my trigger foods. She explained the plan in detail and gave me a lot of supportive materials explaining the low FODMAP diet, and lots of recipes I can use. I had few question along the way and she was there to answer them all.” 
It was a significant change to my diet and it wasn't easy to implement, but the results said it all. Couple of weeks in - I couldn't believe how different it made me feel. I was bloated for such a long time, that I totally forgot what the ‘Normal' actually feels like! (and it feels amazing!). I was always eating well, but I never thought that my healthy diet could cause so much irritation in my gut! 
I've started to re-introducing food into my diet now and not without Evelyn's help of course. It's quite a complicated process and you definitely need an expert help to guide you through it. I still have a way to go, but I'm really happy with the results. Couldn't do it without her! A+ 
Julia, London 




for a range of issues including gastro conditions, the low FODMAP diet therapy & sports nutrition. Either face-to-face or virtual consultations via Skype/FaceTime. 




Evelyn offers bespoke nutritional and wellness services tailored to your individual needs and will work with you or your HR department to determine the level of support required. 




Evelyn is passionate about sharing her expertise and knowledge, using science backed information to spread reliable nutrition information in an interesting and informative manner. 
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